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Very soon after construction, the façades of houses in brick, stone and dry-dash start to deteriorate under the effects of rain, freezing, pollution and moss. Ugly salts appear in the form of white spots.

Water-proofing of façades is the ideal solution.

Advantages to the water-proofing of façades

  Water-proofing of façades
    • Micro-porous water-proofing: water vapour can leave the wall at all times

    • Bridges microfissures no larger than 0.3 mm

    • Transparency: the support retains its original colour

    • Self-cleaning: moisture-proofing considerably retards pollution and the incrustation of moss and algae

    • Prevents damage caused by sensitivity to the weathering of rock and brick: fragmentation, dilatation, cracking.
    • Effects of conservation: moisture-proofing perceptibly retards the ageing of the support

    • Moisture-proofing of the walls of the façade blocks scumming and the white veil of leaching released during carbonatation of the cement

    • Increased insulation capacity of the water-repellent wall: a wall moistened by rainwater acts as thermal point, conducting cold from the exterior towards the interior. If the wall is kept dry, the house will be easier to heat.
Moisture-proofing of façades


Application of the water-repellent protection of façades


Water-proofing products used byHydrotec for the protection of façades (hydrothan 105, hydrothan 205 and hydrothan CR505) provide long-term protection against deterioration as well as the penetration of rainwater into the walls.



Hydrothan 105 (H105) and Hydrothan 205 (H205)


Preparation of the support

H105 and H205 water-proofing products are applied on a façade dry, clean and repointed. If necessary, demossing and high-pressure cleaning should be performed before 'moisture-proofing.

Water-proofing of façades : preparation of the support

Glass and blue stone should be cleaned immediately after application of the product. Vegetation should be protected by means of tarpaulins.



Apply by spraying (with spray gun, after removing the nozzle). Allow the product to run down the wall to saturation point.



Consumption depends on the nature of the support.

Average consumption is as follows:
- 0.2 l/m2 for asbestos-cement
- 0.5 l/m2 on dry-dash
- 1 l/m2 for porous concrete
- 1 - 1.5 l/m2 on porous brick

Water-proofing of façades



Hydrothan CR505

Preparation of the support

H CR505 water-proofing product is applied on dry, clean, repointed façades. If necessary, demossing should be performed before moisture-proofing.


Water-proofing cream


Hydrothan CR505 water-proofing cream for façades should be applied non-diluted, by roller or by means of the airless process.
Depending on the porosity of the support, the active ingredient will penetrate very quickly.

The whitish coat which appears at first will disappear completely.



Depending on the absorbent powers of the support, apply up to 0.3 l/m2, in one operation, even on vertical surfaces and ceilings, without product loss. A second coat may be applied if thought advisable, but is not indispensable.

Water-proofing cream





The impregnation products best suited for the water-proofing protection of façades have been identified by the C.S.T.C. in technical information sheet no. 140. This is why we recommend hydrothan 105, hydrothan 205 and hydrothan CR505 for the water-proofing of your facade.

All Hydrotec façade water-proofing is guaranteed for 10 years.




Water-proofing of façades Water-proofing of façades Hydrofugation avec échaffaudage








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