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Mould in corners of rooms

Basic ventilation in a building using modern ventilators:


  • solves condensation problems when basic precautions do not suffice
  • creates a pleasant ambient living environment without such outdoor environmental nuisance as noise, dust or pollen.

  • That is why we offer a large programme of innovative ventilators. The different characteristics and optional functions of these ventilators such as simultaneous ventilation and extraction, soundproofing and heat recovery guarantee an ideal solution for each area of application.



    Range of single and double flow ventilators
    Hydrotec ventilation technique VPulse
    Hydrotec ventilation VDF73
    Hydrotec ventilation VDF66
    Hydrotec ventilation VDF50


    Soundproofed ventilator: compact, silent, efficient, easy to install, easy to use

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    Universal ventilator with pollen protection, heat recovery and perfect comfort

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    Energy-efficient universal ventilator with pollen protection and heat recovery

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    The expert for a healthy atmosphere and dehumidification


    Treatment of condensation, mould and radon in a room: : IMV/CAC

    Condensation and mould : IMV

    Mechanical Ventilation by insufflation (IMV) or Central Air Conditioning (CAC)prove useful in dealing with condensation and mildew problems.

    In the presence of high concentrations of radon, the use of IMV will dilute the radon concentration by increasing the air exchange rate.

    IMV ensures a continuous but moderate aeration of the house, eliminating water vapour and stagnating gases.

    The constant insufflation of slightly preheated air economises on heating, sometimes cutting heating bills by up to 15%

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