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List of products Hydrothan (www.hydrothan.be) utilised by Hydrotec in the treatment of humidity and the rehabilitation of buildings:

Products for the treatment of rising damp by injection

  • Hydrothan 10éco
    Hydrothan10éco is a micro-emulsion of non-toxic silane-siloxane resins developed in aqueous phase (without solvent) (Hydrothan 10éco data sheet in PDF)

    This product is intended for the permanent blocking of rising damp and is suitable for all types of walls.

Water-proofing products for the treatment and protection of façades

H105, H205 and H CR are intended for the water-proofing protection of façades exposed to rain.
They were specially developed for the moisture-proofing of porous construction materials such as concrete, brick, stone.

Wall-repellent mortar for the treatment of humidity in walls in contact with the earth

  • Hydrobond
    Adjuvant for wall-repellent mortars (casings) and anti-saltpetre barriers.
    Improves water-tightness, adhesion, resistance to flexion, traction and compression of the mortar
    (Hydrobond data sheet in PDF)

  • Hydro+
    Dry filler for the production of water-repellent mortar.
    Hydro+ mortar is used to render watertight basements, foundation walls, etc.
    The addition of water produces a watertight filler highly resistant to the penetration of water and the migration of saltpetre (Hydro+ data sheet in PDF)
  • Hydroseal
    Watertight, flexible coating for concrete supports, cement, cisterns in two components.
    This product is developed based on special synthetic resins and a cement-quartz sand compound with a particularly granulometry.
    (Hydroseal data sheet in PDF)

Fungicide and insecticide products for woodwork and walls

  • Basilit B 85
    Fungicide product developed in aqueous phase (active ingredient: boric acid 84gr/litre) intended for the preventive and curative treatment of walls infested by dry rot. It may also be utilised as a preventive fungicide and insecticide treatment of wood not directly exposed to weathering.
    (Basilit B85 data sheet in PDF)

  • Basilit Curattack
    Micro-emulsion in aqueous phase intended to protect wood against the attacks of insect larvae and fungi. It is also suitable for the treatment of dry rot by injection. Active ingredients: fungicide =propiconazole/insecticide=Cypermethrin
    (Basilit Curattack data sheet in PDF)

Roof treatment products


Lacquer in emulsion based on flexible acrylic copolymers, specially developed for the renovation of roofs in asbestos-cement. Product developed in aqueous phase. Available in slate grey.
(Roofcryl data sheet in PDF)

To consult the technical approvals of our products, please click on the links “PDf data sheets"


Sale of hydrothan products and rental of materiel

of products

All our products (as well as a range of other products) are available for sale to professionals and private individuals. To consult our range of products, visit the site www.hydrothan.com



Rental of materiel

  • Electrical pump with pal-injector for the injection of damp walls

    Rising damp : electrical pump Rising damp : pal-injector Rising damp : caps
  • Electrical pump with telescopic nozzle for product spraying

    Water-proofing of façades : electrical pump Water-proofing of façades : telescopic nozzle for product spraying



Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on possible rental arrangements.



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