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The installation of Mechanical Ventilation by insufflation (IMV)/Central Air Conditioning (CAC) constitutes an effective and economic solution – accompanied by guaranteed results – to the tenacious problems of condensation and mould in the home. It also permits the very effective expulsion of radon towards the exterior of the basements and rooms.

IMV compensates for the shortcomings of natural ventilation in dwellings of up to 450 m3.


Functioning of I.M.V.


Mechanical Ventilation by Insufflation ® is fully automatic.

IMV® insufflates prefiltered and preheated air into the dwelling. The evacuation of vitiated air is performed through the overhead ventilation of damp rooms (kitchen, bathroom and toilet) and through air outlets in the woodwork of the drier rooms in the house (living room, lounge, and bed rooms) depending on the vent pressure of the vent.

IMV® is intended to palliate the shortcomings of natural ventilation through the exchange of air at least approximately once per hour and a half.


Functionning of IMV

1 - Air intake


2 - Aspiration and filtration


3 - Air preheating


4 - Insufflation of air to the interior creating an overpressure in the room


5 - Evacuation of the vitiated moist air towards exterior

Filtration of the air


The incoming air is filtered before being insufflated into the room. Filtration improves the quality of the interior air and contributes to healthier air.

The advantages:
- Filtration creates a barrier against exterior pollution (pollen, allergens, dust, etc.).
- Filtration captures 90% of all particles exceeding 5 microns in size, trapping them in the air intake.
- Filtration contributes to reducing the symptoms of allergies, asthma, chronic colds and persistent coughs.




Air preheating


Incoming air is preheated to 12°C, 15°C or 18°C (depending on the regulation of the IMV) thanks to ceramic resistors integrated into the casing.

The advantages:
- Interior ambient comfort.
- Energy savings: reduction of the functioning of your heating system.




Air insufflation

IMV insufflates preheated, filtered air into the dwelling, thus creating a slight overpressure.
The moist, vitiated air is thus evacuated to the exterior through the air outlet vents.

The advantages:

- Evacuation of humidity.
- Homogenous heat from the ceiling to the floor in all parts of the room.
- Evacuation of interior pollution.
- Barrier against exterior pollution.
- Opposition to rise of radon.
- Optimisation of chimney draught.

  IMV-Air insufflation


Digital control

IMV - Digitale control

Information from the housing is transmitted to the device via digital control.

This information is treated by the microprocessor controlling ventilation, humidity and the preheating as well as the display of certain information on the operating state of the IMV.

Humidity-sensitive IMV


The humidity-sensitive function varies the flow of air based on the ambient humidity of the room, ensuring a more rapid evacuation of very moist air while limiting wastage.




Types of housings available

IMV- Rounded housing IMV - Compact housing IMV - Cubic housing

Rounded housing
L: 600 mm
l: 250 mm
Ht: 200 mm

Compact housing
L: 475 mm
l: 210 mm
Ht: 180 mm

Cubic housing
L: 300 mm
l: 250 mm
Ht: 250 mm



All steel housings contain:

- a centrifugal ventilator
- ceramic stone resistor
- dust filter
- management microprocessor
- various insufflation and aspiration accessories.

They may be installed in visible locations or concealed in the ceiling or roof.







- May be used with or without preheating
- 3 possible regulated preheating temperatures: 12°C, 15°C or 18°C
- Possibility of 10-speed regulation
- Digital distance control
- Humidity-sensitive function
- Wall attachment or suspension mounting depending on type of installation
- “Media G4” filter or washable polypropylene
- Filter change alert
- Flow from 20 m³ to 218 m³/hour
- Manual or automatic pilot
- Stand-by temperature regulation
- Integrated daily counter
- Air quality graphic indicator
- Automatic summer/winter function



IMV in house






5-year guarantee in compliance with normal conditions of use.








Please see IMV data sheet in pdf.



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