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Drying of damp basements

Damp walls in contact with the earth should be equipped with a water-tight interior protection (casing) combined with a barrier of water-proofing injection.

In specific cases, it may be necessary to apply a multi-coat exterior protection, combined with injections in the bottom of the buried wall and the installation of drains.

Damp basement before treatment
Damp basement after treatment
Damp basement before treatment

Damp basement after treatment



Interior treatment of the damp in the basement: water-repellent casing or cementing

Particular care must be taken in preparing the wall prior to installation of the casing:

  • - Strip all filler, sandblast all paint
  • - Rough hammer all concrete work for optimal adhesion

Casing - Application


  • After wetting the wall, apply an adhesion coat consisting of Hydro+, water and Hydrobond.
  • Apply a coat of  Hydro+ water-repellent mortar
  • The final thickness of the casing must amount to at least 12 mm to resist strong water pressure
  • All wall-repellent mortars should be prepared according to the instructions of the C.S.T.C. and the manufacturer of the water-proofing product
  • The casing may, as a finish coast, be covered with a coat of Hydroseal 2C(white) filler.

  • If the casing is to be applied in a habitable area, it is always best to apply a (Gyproc/Metalstud) partition, regardless of the casing, to permit the later installation of service ducts (electricity, water, heating, etc.) without damaging the casing, since no drilling or  bleeding may be performed in the casing at a later time.
Casing in basement
Casing - steps

Casing: Passages of pipes and ducts and toe walls



The sensitive points in terms of the water-tightness of the buried walls include the pipe passages and connections between the floor slab and the wall.
These delicate points must be treated carefully.

They should be largely cleared before being blinded with a quick-setting hydraulic mortar.

In the case of damp walls under heavy water pressure, provision should be made for the installation of a channel of water-repellent mortar in front of the toe wall for the purpose of carrying the water to a hydraulic lift pump installed in a drop shaft.




Exterior protection: DELTA MS and drainage system


!! For the application of exterior protection, we advise you to call your contractor !!


Exterior protection of walls : dig of the trench

In a general manner, if exterior protection is required, the work should be performed in the following manner:

  • - Dig the trench
  • - Clean the damp wall
  • - Possible injection of the wall in the bottom of the trench
  • - Repair any existing cement work or complete the initial cementing of the uncovered wall.


Installation of the DELTA MS or PLATON :

Exterior protection of walls :polyfine membrane
  • - Installation of a honeycombed non-rotting polyfine membrane providing thermal insulation while ensuring total water-tightness.

  • - Installation of an Enkadrain: this type of draining mat protects against perforation by carrying water directly to the drain.

  • - Possible installation of a geotextile-surrounded drain surrounded by geotextile and a gravel drain leading to the sewer.
Exterior protection of the walls : polyfine membrane




The protection of the buried walls is guaranteed for 10 years.






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