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Roofing framework and constructional timber attacked by xlophagic insects/woodworm and fungi should be subjected to specific curative treatment.



In sects and wood worm



The commonest xlyphagic insects are the Anobiides or Death watch beetles (found in softwoods and oak sap), Capricorne beetle (softwoods) and the Lyctus (oak softwoods). These insects form part of the large family of coleoptera.

Woodworm Woodworm : capricorne beetle Woodworm Woodworm

Preparatory work prior to treatment of the wood


- The parts affected by the wood worm or wood fungi must be removed by hatchet and cleaned with an iron brush.

- Replacement or sandblasting of the wood weakened by the treated wood.

- Stripping/sandblasting of all filler material (paints, whitewash, etc.).

Woodworm : replacement of the wood weakened

Treatment of wood by injection of curative insecticide

Woodworm : treatment of wood by injection

- Trim all beams and rafters affected by the wood worm.

- Drill all beams, floor joints and rafters.

- Dimensions of the drilled holes: diameter 12 mm, depth=2/3 of the thickness

- Spacing: 20 to 30 centimetres depending on the diameter of the parts.

- Injections under 5-bars pressure of Basilit Curattack curative product – based on Cypermethrin and Propiconazone (synthetic pyrethroïde).

- Quantity: + ou - 1 litre per running metre for wood 8/23 in diameter.

Complete treatment of roofing framework by projection

  • After the dusting and in-depth injection of the affected beams, roofing framework wood, the floor joists and planks should be the object of a funcide and insecticide treatment by projection of Basilit Curattack, curative fungicide and insecticide product approved by the Ministry of Health under no. 496b.
  • Quantity: approximately 0.5 litre per m2 of roofing framework.

Woodworm : treatment of roofing framework by projection



Hydrotect insecticide/fungicide treatment of the roofing framework is guaranteed for a period of 10 years.







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