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Our products and services

Hydrotec has been active in the sector of the treatment of dampness, the renovation and ventilation of houses and buildings since 1988. We offer long-term solutions to the commonest problems pathologies affecting buildings.


Rising damp - Salpeter Condensation Drying out damp basements
Rising damp - Salpeter Condensation - Mould - Radon Drying out of damp basements
Waterproofing of facades Dry rot Wood insects
Waterproofing of facades Treatment of dry rot Treatment of wood insects



Who are we ?

Hydrotec is an international group which is present in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Spain. All Hydrotec worksites are realized by qualified technicians working exclusively for Hydrotec. All employees are anxious to do everything in their power to meet your expectations.

Our references

Hydrotec works for both the public and private sector. Many architects, municipal administrations and institutions such as the Housing Fund for Large Families [Fonds de Logement of the Familles Nombreuses], housing corporations, regularly place their trust in us. We currently have over 8000 satisfied clients.
All estimates are accompanied by a list of references. Please feel free to contact them to inquire whether they have been satisfied with our work.

Which products do we utilise ?


At Hydrotec, we usually work with our own products, those from the Hydrothan range.

Hydrothan as a trademark. The Hydrothan products have been applied for almost 25 years in thousands of worksites in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain.

Hydrothan products enjoy UBatc, Cstc or Veritas certificates of approval for Belgium and Cebtp for France.

Ecology and durable development

Hydrotec participates in durable development.
After testing several products in aqueous phase for the treatment of rising damp, we arrived at a solution which combines the effectiveness, durability of a treatment offering a 30-year guarantee while protecting the ecology and the health of all residents and workers. In the treatment of rising damp, we recommend the use of Hdrothan10éco, a micro-emulsion of resins totally without hydrocarbons, odourless and non-toxic (Excell Green Label).

Nearly all products bearing the Hydrothan trademark are formulated in aqueous phase:

Hydrothan 10éco for the treatment of rising damp,
Hydrothan 105 for the treatment of humidity in façades,
Basilit Curattack for the treatment of the wood insects.





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